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Jumat, 22 Februari 2013

Autism And Tips Foods Suitable For People with Autism

Autism is one problem in children that is being increasingly recognized as something very serious. The number of sufferers are more numerous and easily found, making autism as a scourge for young families.

Symptoms of Autism in children:

    The development is hampered, especially in the fundamental behavior of social life
    Play alone or do not want to get together with family members or others
    Lethargic and indifferent to others who try to communicate with
    Little or no eye contact
    Doing something is always routine without thought and behaved badly
    In general, retarded mental growth
    In some cases, the child has a particular expertise and very good (eg, drawing, mathematics, music, painting, etc.)

Causes of Autism:

The cause is unknown but abnormalities may be associated with:

    Failure of one of the functions of the brain that processes nerve stimulation

Complications Autism:
Often such accidents severed limbs themselves because there is no reaction to pain stimuli

    What can you do?
    Consult a doctor if you feel any abnormalities in your child's behavior

Doctors action in patients with Autism

    Check and determine if your child has the disorder
    Advised to consult with a healthcare provider to determine the autism test, action or further treatment.

These guidelines should be considered for people with autism:
1. Diet with autism should CFGF diet (gluten free casein free). That is, avoid food sources that contain casein and gluten.

2. Casein much present in milk, while the gluten in the flour. Both substances proficiency level is an essential nutrient for the formation of new cells. Therefore, for autism, nutrients must be replaced earlier with other types of protein, such as fish, chicken, beef, and vegetable protein. Cow's milk can be replaced with soy milk / green bean / peanut.

3. Not eating sugar by pressing the "poison" in the gut of autistic.

4. Fruits such as apples, oranges, melons, strawberries, grapes, should not be given because they contain high sugar levels. High sugar levels can make people with autism become increasingly active. As a replacement can be given papaya and banana.

5. When cooking, do not use flavorings or preservatives.

May be useful for those of you who are reading this.